New variable names

From September 27, some of the variables will have new names. This in order to make the variable names more consistent.

If you are using the API for our database you will have to replace the old variable names in the code. Otherwise you will get an error message (error 404) and no data will be downloaded from any of the files with the old variable names.

These are the changes:

  • Construction (barbygm.px and barbygq.px): TOTF blir BBYG
  • Total industry (bartotm.px och bartotq.px): btot becomes BTOT
  • Household (hushall.px): Q223 becomes Q231
  • Indicators (indikatorm.px and indikatorq.px):
    - kifi becomes KIFI
    - btotcon becomes BTOT
    - btvicon becomes BTVI
    - TOTF becomes BBYG
    - 47XXX becomes B47XXX
    - bhuscon becomes bhus