Research at the NIER

The NIER's research focuses primarily on the fields of macroeconomics and environmental economics. An important part of the macroeconomic research is developing general equilbrium models of the Swedish economy.

Macroeconomic Research

The NIER conducts macroeconomic research on topics such as business cycles, the labor market, productivity and economic policy. The aim of the research is to improve macroeconomic analysis, forecasts and macroeconomic scenarios. The research entails developing our methods and our macroeconomic models, as well as conducting applied research. You can find more information about our macroeconomic models below.

Environmental Economic Research

The Environmental Economic Research Division conducts economic impact analyses to provide a better basis for decisions on Sweden's environmental policy.

With the environmental quality objectives adopted by the Swedish Parliament, environmental policy decisions must meet high standards of cost-effectiveness and be preceded by economic impact analyses. We evaluate environmental policy instruments through research, commissions and work on developing models.