About NIER

The National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) is a government agency operating under the Ministry of Finance. We perform analyses and forecasts of the Swedish and international economy as a basis for economic policy in Sweden, and conduct related research.

Our forecasts are not only an independent basis for economic policy, but are also used by other government agencies, firms and organisations. As with other government agencies in Sweden, we have an independent status. Our analysis and research are therefore conducted without political interference.

The NIER was founded in 1937 and has about 55 employees. It is headed by Director-General Albin Kainelainen.

Sharing Knowledge

In connection with our forecasts, we invite partners and analysts from banks, government agencies and other organisations to analyst meetings.

We also give lectures on economic topics. With our expertise, we can also take on different investigations in the macro and environmental economics.


The NIER accepts various kinds of commissions in the fields of macroeconomics and environmental economics. Our principal clients are the Swedish Government Offices, government agencies, and organizations representing various interests.

A commission might take the form of a study or a model simulation to describe the effects of a change in economic policy or economic shocks of various kinds.

Examples of completed commissions include macroeconomic calculations and environmental supplements to the report of the Long Term Planning Commission, analyses of the effects of shorter working hours, and studies of the impact of demographic changes on government expenditure.